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Welcome to our online store!

Started by my friend and I, both of us like similar type of clothing and have aligned interests in vintage pieces. This opportunity allow us to work together and create a small physical space in Hong Kong.

A selection of selected vintage and contemporary garments from avant-garde designers who impacted today's fashion scene. As well as proposing slow fashion, believe in purchasing well-made garments.


Our studio located in the industrial zone of Tsuen Wan. The location is away from established commercial area, and most people had never heard of the street. We aim to expose the authenticity of the local area. It's all about raw, unedited surroundings, giving it a unique character. We kept all sorts of traces of its former use and to emphasize its raw and abandoned character. 

We'll post about specific collections, items, or things that we're interested in here. Feel free to leave us your comment too!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 

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